Western Civ notes - Western Civilization I The development...

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Western Civilization I The development of coins led to development of two different classes the business class such as merchants etc and then the working class who were farmers etc. Athens had a government democracy that was lead by several groups combined the highest being archons which were 9 people and then council of nobles followed by the assembly of people. Citizens consisted of males who were landowners. only the citizens payed taxes and were the ones responsible for the defense of the poleis. through marrying the aristocratic members of society expand through people with high status marrying their children to wealthy merchants. Solon This man was selected as one of the archons by a coo. as a tyrant he made some very influential laws such as the abolishment of slavery caused by debt and limited the amount of land a person could own which balanced out the distribution of wealth. he also created an appeals court as to make the system a more equal system. lays the groundwork for athenian democracy. overthrown by Peisistratus. Sparta the government was run by a similar three tier system. there was a group of five people called ephors who ran sparta as a military dictatorship. at the age of 6 they started the military training which was his job until he was unable to be a warrior anymore. Because of the prospering city states it causes the persians to be envious and causes the war between greece and persia. olympic games Everyone was in the nude and only men were allowed to participate and even spectate. they competed in southern greece. the olympics started in the 1800 by a frenchmen. the olympics were also a religious in greece. Delian league/ peloponnesian war The island of delos they formed the delian league in which all the powers of the Grecian empire formed an ancient NATO. and after making a navy for the delian league the athenians started to use the ships as merchant ships and keeping the profit for themselves. with this and the persians not attacking anymore the spartans left the league and begins a war with athens. This war was called the peloponnesian war and lasts from 431- 404 bc.( 5th century bc). with the outbreak of war athens decides to build a wall around the city. Pericles, the leader of athens during the golden age, built a wall around athens and the port city of Pireaus. after a
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Western Civ notes - Western Civilization I The development...

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