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Austin Fortner Enc 1102 Mrs. Weaver October 23, 2006 Social Etiquette In the world today everyone follows there own agenda and cares less about what surrounds them; shouting in the phone, slamming doors in people’s faces, and completely ignoring common courtesy is somewhat commonplace, but is this a decline in etiquette or just a change? This change can be seen as either a positive or negative effect on our society and has created a good topic for discussion. I have researched to find out what I think and this is what I have so far discovered about this topic. The main problem that exists with my topic is the fact that most Americans have no or little manners anymore. The manners that used to be everywhere now rarely exist today, but whether or not this is a decline or just merely a change from the norm because of the quickly changing world from the technological revolution in our society is my goal to find with my research. On one side of the argument, our society has declined into a world of angry citizens who only care about themselves. Who are too busy to be polite and throw out common etiquette because it takes time they are not willing to part with. On the other side of this argument is that social etiquette is not declining but it is just changing because of new technology and a more expanded ability to communicate with each other through the use of new means of communication. The side of the argument stating that this change is a decline believes that the media and technology have changed society for
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Social Etiquette - Austin Fortner Enc 1102 Mrs Weaver...

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