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Critique Reviewers- Generally regional journalists who describe the consistent general tone of the movie with only incidental emphasis on aseptic evaluation, often such writers point out if a film is suitable for children. Critics- Journalist for the most part but their emphasis is on evaluation more than context description, for more influence. Theorists- study movie on a philosophical level usually professional academics. Three areas of attention: 1) Work of Art 2) The artist 3) the Audience. Auteur Theory- the belief that a movie is best understood by focusing on its artistic creator, usually the director. Neo realism- A film showing stark reality brought on by Italy’s Directors making documentary like movies. Main aspects of neorealism: 1) a new democratic spirit 2) compassionate point of view without morals 3) preoccupation with Italy’s past 4) Blending of Christian and Marxism 5) Emphasis on emotion rather than Abstract ideas Features of neorealism: 1) Avoidence of neat plot for more. Fluidity 2)
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