Biology 170 lab Invertebrate Fouling Communities

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Biology 170 lab Invertebrate Fouling Communities Answer the following questions after reading through the Invert Fouling Communities Lab. This prelab is due within the first 15 minutes of class. 1. What are fouling communities? Any community of creatures living attached to something in a marine environment. 2. Where can you find a fouling community? Attached to boats, piers, rocks, whales, and even sea turtles 3. How are we going to collect a plankton sample today? (i.e., Which piece of equipment will we use?)
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Unformatted text preview: A fine mesh plankton net 4. Do you think there will be a similarity between the type of plankton we find and the types of animals comprising the fouling communities? Why or Why not? I think there will be a lot of similarity in the fact that because of the abundant food source in the plankton there will be a small food web occurring with primary consumers and secondary consumers ....
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