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Film 101 Ideology Notes

Film 101 Ideology Notes - Ideology Avant-garde from the...

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Ideology Avant-garde- from the French meaning “in the front ranks.” Those minority artists whose works are characterized by an unconventional daring and by obscure, controversial, or highly personal ideas. Ideology defined- as a body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, group, class, or culture. “classical cinema is the ventriloquist of ideology” Neutral- Escapist films and light entertainment movies often bland out the social environment in favor of a vaguely benevolent setting that allows the story to take place smoothly. The emphasis is on action, pleasure, and entertainment values for their own sake. Issues of right and wrong are treated superficially. Implicit- The protagonists and antagonists represent conflicting value systems, but these are not dwelled on. We must infer what the characters stand for as their tale unfolds. Explicit- Thematically oriented movies aim to teach or persuade as much as to entertain. Patriotic films, many documentaries, political films, and movies with a sociological emphasis fall under this category. Underdogs almost automatically win us over, funny/charming win.
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