Balkans - AMH2020 Balkans 2/18/2008 Area of small nation...

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AMH2020 2/18/2008 Balkans Area of small nation states. All with different belief systems. Want to be independent from the Austria-Hungarian Empire (at one point had ruled the world). World War I Austria-Hungarian Empire sends Archduke to the Balkans—he gets bombed to death. Balkans is allied with Russia. Austria-Hungary is allied with Germany. Czar of Russia, Keiser Wilhelm, and King of England are all cousins—have the same grandmother. Austria-Hungary declares war with Russia. France has a treaty with Germany. England has a treaty with France. Largest immigrant group—German Americans. War going badly for the Germans. They aren’t getting supplies that they need. Starvation sets in. Launch an all out offense—attacks on ships carrying goods to England and France. Assistant former Minister of Germany sends telegram to Mexico trying to get them to ally with them and when Germany wins then the Mexicans would get all their land back from the Mexican American War. Obviously the US intercepts because the wires run straight through the country—DUH!!!!
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AMH2020 2/18/2008 1917—Wilson asks Congress for declaration of War. We fight for democracy to make the world a better place. 1918—German shell fell n Cathedral on Good Friday in Paris. The war that had originally been fought outside of Germany then gets pushed back into
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Balkans - AMH2020 Balkans 2/18/2008 Area of small nation...

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