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HFt2254 test 3 review - Housekeeping Cost Per Occupied Room...

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Housekeeping Cost Per Occupied Room: total costs incurred for an item or area divided by the number of rooms occupied in the hotel for the time period examined. Product Usage Report: a report detailing the amount of an item used by a hotel in a specified time period (ex: week, month, quarter, or year). To determine the number of items on hand, count it: guest rooms, room attendants carts, soiled linen areas, clean linen storage areas, new product storage areas. Room Attendant: the individual(s) responsible for cleaning guest rooms. Sometimes referred to as “housekeepers.” Also sometimes called “maids” by guests, but this term is never used by professional hoteliers. Public Space: areas within the hotel that can be freely accessed by guests and visitors. Room Attendant Cart: a wheeled cart that contains all of the items needed to properly and safely clean and re-stock a guest room. Stay-Over: a guest that is not scheduled to check out of the hotel on the day his or her room status is assessed. That is, the guest will be staying at least one more day. Due-Out: Check-Out: MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet. A written statement describing the potential hazards of, and best ways to handle, a chemical or toxic substance. Mislaid Property: the owner has unintentionally left the item(s) behind. Executive Housekeeper: the individual responsible for the management and operation of a hotel’s Housekeeping department.
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Laundry Par Levels: the amount if laundry in use, in process, and in storage. Inspectress (Inspector): the individual(s) responsible for physically checking the room status of guest rooms as well as other tasks as assigned by the Executive Housekeeper. Important characteristics of an Inspector: high standards of cleanliness, ability to identify deficiencies in a way that motivates, without criticizing. Housemen: mans positions. Entails a lot of heavy lifting. Assisting housekeepers. Lifting heavy laundry, stocking housekeeping closets and carts, transports all laundry around the hotel. Responsible for doing heavy cleaning, moving furniture, carpet cleaning, bedspreads, base boards. Lost and Found Procedures: forms for recording information about lost and found items should include: the date the item was found, a description of the item, location where the item was found, name of the finder, supervisor who received the item. When the item is returned/disposed of, the record should include: the date the item was returned to the owner, owner’s name/address/telephone number, method of return, date the property was declared abandoned, name of the hotel employee (or charity) receiving the abandoned property. Characteristics of an Executive Housekeeper: Commitment to cleanliness, impeccable standards, dedication to their area, and human resource- related skills.
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