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Wisconsin Indian Literature - all tribes

Wisconsin Indian Literature - all tribes - Wisconsin Indian...

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Wisconsin Indian Literature What are the 12 Indian Nations of Wisconsin as of 2000? What are the Nations that once resided in present day Wisconsin pre 2000-AD? How has these communities made their voice heard? What is Senate Act 31 and what is its purpose? Why did the Oneida have to move from their homelands to Wisconsin? How many communities comprise the Brothertown Nation of Wisconsin and what are the names of those Nations? What Nation is the oldest in Wisconsin, and where do people think the name Wisconsin came from? What are the two main clans of the Menominee and what are the sub clans to the Menominee? Originally the Menominee land base consisted of how many acres? How many acres is it now and where is it located? The Menominee now have 5 principle clans, what are those clans? What is the name of the Menominee trickster? What else does Me’napus do besides playing tricks and challenging the underworld? What year was the first treaty signed with the Menominee signed and what was it for? When was the final treaty signed and what did it give the Menominee? In what year did the U.S. make termination of tribes federally policy and what was the consequence of that policy. What year did the Menominee regain their status as a Federally recognized tribe and who signed the paper work? What does DRUMS stand for? Who is Ingrid Washinawatok and what did she do? Ingrid Washinawatok stated she grew up in Chicago, how did she describe her school days? What did the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 do to the Menominee Nation?
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1. What is Silver Mound know for? Page 47 2.1 A: The beauy and utility of its rock that looks like crystallized maple syrup, a fine grained silicified sandstone called Hixton Orthoguartzite. 2. What are Mounds? 2.2 A: Mounds are ceremonial sites, celebrating the spirit beings and clan totems of the ancient Ho- Chunk tradition. 3. What are some Ho-chunk Artwork in Wisconsin? Pg. 50 2.3 A: Ten-inch carved sandstone head. 4. In the Ho-chunk story who beats the giants? Pg. 58 2.3 A: Red Horn 5. Who is Wak dyunk’ aga on page 59? 2.4 A: Winnebago “Ho Chunk” trickstee 6. Who was the first person the Ho Chunk encountered on the eastern edge of Lake Superior in 1614? 2.4 A: Jean Nicolet 7. What were the French after in the Menominee Nation? 2.6 A: Timber 8. What kind of mines were referred to in the Treaty of Praine du Chien? Pg. 63 2.7 A: Lead (galena) mines 9.
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Wisconsin Indian Literature - all tribes - Wisconsin Indian...

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