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Outing Program - at Carlisle many other outing programs...

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Samantha Snow NAS 204 April 10 th 2008 The outing program was a program which put a female Indians into a local white household after they graduated to work as a domestic servant. It would also put male Indians out to work on farms in Pennsylvania and adjacent states. The program was meant to force Indian youth to assimilate as farm workers or servants. For farmer, businessman, or homeowner, the outing program provided them with cheaper labor in their homes and on their farms. Some could say that the outing program worked from them. In Phoenix the children were not well supervised and learned very little from there outing experience. While monitored very carefully
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Unformatted text preview: at Carlisle many other outing programs were exploitive. Another reason you could say that the outing program didn’t work would be the fact that they only educated the Indians to about an 8 th grade level. Very few Indians made it passed being a servant. Few became secretaries, teachers or even went on to college. I believe that the outing program would have been much more effective if they were taught or trained into more benefiting jobs. “Training the children for assimilation not for higher education became the goal of the administrators” says claywoman an author for authorsden.com...
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