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Unformatted text preview: DVD Prob. 5 "You Sunk My Partnership". The defendant is moving on. And who can blame her? With a company in severe debt (as shown through the evidence log) and a partner who is stifling and a bit controlling, who would not want to leave with the situation at hand? In this assignment, the question really comes down to partnership. The deciding question in relation to partnership is whether or not the defendant had a right to dissolve the partnership by removing herself from the ArtScene business and her previous partner (the plaintiff). While I feel that the ArtScene business was a cool idea, it appears that due to a lack of communication and teamwork it failed miserably. When partnerships do not work, change must occur for the betterment of both parties involved. For these reasons and others, I do find for the defendant in this case. According to the text, there are amazingly few legal formalities involved in creating a partnership. Nothing has to be in writing, and simple implications can lead to two or more parties partnership....
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