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business law final - 32 Personal Property and Bailments 616...

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32 Personal Property and Bailments 616 – property, ownership, real property, personal property, fixture 617- tangible property, intangible property, public property, private property, production of purchase, possession of unowned property, rights of finders of lost, mislaid and abandoned property 618 – lost property, mislaid property, estray statute, statues of limitations, 620 – gifts, donor, donee 621 – conditional gifts 622 – uniform gifts to minors act 623 – will of inheritance, confusion, accession, 624 – nature of bailment, creation of bailment 626 – custody, types of bailments, bailments for benefit of bailor, bailee, mutual benefit bailments 627 – duties of the bailee, reasonable care, return the property 628 – disclaimers 630 – right to compensation, lien, implied warranty 631 – strict liability 632 – common carriers, private contract, absolute insurer, 633 – hotelkeepers, safe-deposit boxes, involuntary bailments, involuntary bailee or constructive bailee 33 – real property 637 - real property 638 – fixtures, fixture, attached, annexed, constructively annexed, adaptation, intent 639 – express agreement, trade fixtures, 640 – security interests in fixtures 641 – fee simple, life estate, leasehold, easement, tenancy at will, affirmative easement 642 – negative easement, necessity, adverse possession 643 – license, private restrictions 645 – tenancy in common joint tenancy right of survivorship 645 – tenancy by the entirety 647 – community property, tenancy in partnership, condominium ownership
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business law final - 32 Personal Property and Bailments 616...

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