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Psych Test - When is it acceptable to use deception...

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Psychological Test Interator Reliability Test retest Split half reliability Valid Types of data that indicate validity Face validity Predictive validity All validities! Realationship between reliability and validity Accuracy *Scales of measurement (all) Extentsion types Range effects -influence data Tailoring measures Obituation technique Disscuss behavior and physiological measures Different types of measures Demand Characteristic: Attitude adopted by discussion-look at it Participant attitudes Study by Green and Loftus (1984) Experimenter bias Population: Sample: Random sampling: Why do we use college students in our research? Nerumburg Code: Why was it developed? What were some of the main points? What year was the code adopted by the APA?
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Unformatted text preview: When is it acceptable to use deception according to the APA? What should researchers submit to the IRB? Voluntary Participation: Rosenthole and Rossen (1975) regarding volunteers how are they different? Situational factors…maximum confidence How can we reduce voluntary bias Deception: Passive deception and active decepting-diffence Role playing as an alternative to decepting. .research on that? Debreiefing? Has in increased or decreased over the past few years? Animals in research? Animal Youth committee Advantages to using animals in research? Invetro as an alternative to animal research… Holmes suggested a ….to and….and debriefing…Get them involved?...
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Psych Test - When is it acceptable to use deception...

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