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Psych Review - Pros and Cons randamize 2 group design - Error varience- - Single approach - Group approach handle error varience - Why do we run inter subject variance - Pros with the within subject design - Between subject design - Know what a base line subject design is - Single subject design (aba ba ab) - Intrasubject replication in single subject design - Confounding variables - Systematic replication - Discussion on the fine tuning of base lines - Experimental analysis of behavior - Why are single subjects included to - Descrete trial single subject design - Multiple control group desgin - Matched pairs design - Respected group approach - Expected to pay attention to error variance - Stability criteria with the gontact of single subject base line design - Advantage of the matched group design over the randomized two group design
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Unformatted text preview: -What the danger of the match group design-Know what they mean by te latin square-Pros and cons of the randomized two group design-Why would we analzy our data with inferential statistics-Cope with -Partially counter balance design-**lots of error variance questions**-**Systematic variance!!**-Control group (placebo control group)-Pros an cons of all designs-How are drifting base lines indicated-What led to the demise of the single subject approach-What do we mean by counter balancing? Why do we do it?-What are some primary ways we do to reduce error variance-Sources of carryover-Unrecoverable base line-How do we go about setting up a matched group design?-Main advantage of setting up a single subject design...
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