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py 205 final study guide - Pros cons of two group design...

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Pros cons of two group design Pros o Simple to carry out o No pretesting or categorization of people is needed o Statistical analysis is simple Cons o Limited amount of info o Sensitivity to the effect of IV Error variance: what is it, how does that single subject approach handle it, how does group approach handle it Single o Examine plot: if a lot of variability then redesign o Impose a stability criterion Group: hold all extraneous variables constant o Standardization of protocol o Match characteristics of people who contribute to variance Why do we run inter-subject To determine whether the level of performance obtained within the baseline and intervention we repeatable or replicable Indicated that the data are reliable and thus most likely are characteristic of the treatment conditions rather than due to chance in behavior Pros of within subject design: benefits compared to between subject designs All subject variables are identical across treatments level, so any differences across treatment levels cannot be due to error variance arising from subjects design-as in case of between subjects A benefit of this increased power is that fewer subjects are required Baseline design in single subject designs Individuals are observed under each treatment condition, and the first is termed “baseline” Extraneous variables held constant Treatment conditions repeated twice Subjects remain in each condition until DV stabilizes Various: ab, aba, (single subject designs) A- baseline only AB- baseline and treatment ABA- single rehearsal ABAB- double rehearsal Know what intra subject replication is in single subject design Each subjects performance was assessed twice under each phase: baseline and intervention repeated Understand compounding variable; be able to pick one out Varies along with your IV, other variables that effect results Rats: random pick Humans: beginning and end semester
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No what we mean by systematic replication Conducting a replication of an experiment while adding new variables for
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py 205 final study guide - Pros cons of two group design...

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