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businessl law section 2 - 13 230: Volunatry Consent 221:...

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13 230: Volunatry Consent 221: Voluntary, voidable, rescind, disaffirms, ratified, misrepresentation 222: Materiality, fact versus opinion 223: Justifiable reliance 224: Detriment, fraud, knowingly made mistake 225: intent to deceive, scienter, caveat emptor, fraud by silence 226: fraud in excecution, remedy for fraud, deceit, duress, undue influence, threat of harm 228: duress 229: undue influence, material fact, mistake, mutual, unilateral, unilateral mistake 14 237: Illegality, hands off illegal agreements 238: ignorance of fact special regulation, rights of protected parties 239: recission, illegal and divisible contracts, agreements to commit crimes torts, wagering statues 240: usury laws, Sunday laws, blue laws, regulatory statues, revenue-raising statues (241) 242: public policy 243: contracts public service, fiduciary, exculpatory clause 244: contracts in restraint of trade 245: unequal bargains, unconscionable contracts, contracts of adhesion 246: the code of unconscionable contracts, unconscionable contract 15 253: statue of frauds, contracts required to be in writing 254: unenforceable, failure to comply, collateral or guaranty contract, co-obligors, chart of both 255:leading object, part performance 258: Cyber contracts, e-signatures, code’s statues, necessity of interpretation, rules of construction, purpose of rule, 262: parol evidence rule, lack of voluntary consent, statues in writing, exceptions (260) 264: ambiguous contract, incomplete writing, subsequent oral contract, conditions precedent
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businessl law section 2 - 13 230: Volunatry Consent 221:...

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