CH. 33-35 Astronomy

CH. 33-35 Astronomy - Quasars Telescopes Refractive –...

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CH. 33 THE SOLAR SYSTEM FAMILY Our Sun – history, facts, features, life-cycle Inner Planets Mercury Venus EARTH –history, facts, features, supporting life! Our Moon – history , facts, features, phases, eclipses Mars Asteroid Belt Outer Planets Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune “Dwarf Planets” Pluto Ceres Eris (Xena) Asteroids, Meteorids, Comets (Halley’s) Miscellaneous Info
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CH. 34 THE STARS OF THE UNIVERSE Life Cycle of a Star Mass, Gravitation, Fusion, Outward Pressure, Equilibrium Supernovas Neutron Stars – pulsars Black Holes Galaxies – Milky Way, Andromeda, shapes, clusters superclusters
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Unformatted text preview: Quasars Telescopes Refractive – Yerkes, FHSU Reflective – Hale Radio (immoveable), (moveable-VLA) Hubble Other Info Ch. 35 ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERSE (COSMOLOGY) Steady State Theory Big Bang Theory Pulsating Theory 4 th Dimension? TIME Einstein & Light Special & General Theories of Relativity (Einstein) (Time) (Gravity) SUPPLEMENT INFORMATION National Aeronautic & Space Administration (NASA) Brief history & milestones Purpose Overall Concepts Special Features Research & Development “Spin-Offs” International Space Station & Space Travel Miscellaneous Info...
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CH. 33-35 Astronomy - Quasars Telescopes Refractive –...

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