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Personal Wellness Chapter 15 Sexually Transmitted Infections AIDS A cquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome A-The disease is not inherited but must be acquired I- Immuno , because the virus affects the immune system D- Deficiency , because the body’s immune system is deficient S- Syndrome , because the symptoms of AIDS occur together Virus that causes AIDS was named the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) A virus must invade a host cell to survive, HIV invades immune cells. Incidence of AIDS Current estimates : Over 1 million people in the US are infected with HIV, Over 40 million people worldwide. Stages of HIV Infection Stage 1: Silent stage—no physical symptoms Stage 2 : Symptomatic Infection Stage—Symptoms may include constant fatigue, fever, weight loss, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat night sweats and chronic infections Stage 3: AIDS--Fatal disease Transmission of HIV HIV is transmitted by the exchange of cellular body fluids including Blood, semen, vaginal secretions, maternal milk Primary modes of HIV transmission Same-gender sexual contact
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Heterosexual contact Sharing hypodermic needles Blood transfusion (very rare for giving or receiving) Percentages vary according to gender and nationality Most transmission are results of risky behaviors Risky Behaviors Having unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex with an HIV-infected person Using a condom greatly decreases the risk for HIV transmission Unseen bleeding does occur in the body cavity during sex Abstinence is the only behavior that is STI risk-free Sharing hypodermic needles or other drug paraphernalia with someone who is infected Small amount of blood remains on the needle Caution: acupuncture, tattoo, body piercing Trichomoniasis Caused by a protozoan (Trichomonas Vaginalis) that infects the vaginal or urinary mucosa to cause a vaginal infection. Infects approximately 5 million people per year.
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Chapter 15 notes - • Personal Wellness Chapter 15...

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