COMPLETE.SOC - 1-9-07SociologyNorm: Shared expectation of...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-9-07SociologyNorm: Shared expectation of behavior (a rule.)Deviance: Violation of a social norm.Social Control: Process by which society regulated individual and group behavior. Sanction: Reward/punishment for conforming/deviating. (mostly NEG.)Behavior breaks social norm rules…. Deviance --Social Control1. What is defined as deviant?(Gays) (Smoking marijuana)2. How does society attempt to control deviance? (social control issue)(Asking please don’t do that) (Threaten failing grade) 3. Consequences for being labeled deviant:4. What does it depend on for something to be considered “deviant”?(context)MEANING GUIDES ACTIONAction creates refines and reinforces meaning(tattoos) (ass cleavage)Objects do not have intrinsic meanings; they are symbols of meaning(Breats, genitals are not inherently erotic we DEEM them so.)Meanings change across cultures and timeMOST meanings in our society are reinforced --Social Order. Some meanings are openly contested. SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONISM: Perspective that emphasizes that society and social phenomena are produced by people; meaning is a product of humans’ creation. Exs: Childhood, Who defines when you are an “adult”Race, Even things that are socially constructed have real consequences. Studying devianceTHREE METHODS: 1. Pre-collected data: Gov’t collects stats from organizations.(Stats from hospitals, shelters, etc.) 2. UCR: (uniform crime report) 3 types of crime. 1. Property crime. (Loss or destruction of property.)(Most likely to be reported)2. Victimless crimes. (Smoking, gambling, gambling.)3. Crimes against the person. (Harm, threat of harm.)Robbery v.s. Burglary: Burglary is behind the owners back. Robbery is face to face. Advantages to this data: Quick, Inexpensive, Disadvantages: Not accurate. Ways that crimes “fall off the path” to the UCR1. Unrecognized crime.2. Unreported crime....
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COMPLETE.SOC - 1-9-07SociologyNorm: Shared expectation of...

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