Choosing_Analyses - In a test of a new pain-relief drug,...

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Categorical Continuous Categorical Chi-Square Discriminant Function Analysis Continuous ANOVA Correlation/Regression DV IV
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Are Subjects measured more than once? No Yes 1 1-way between-groups ANOVA 3-way between-groups ANOVA, or, AxBxC 2-way between-groups ANOVA, or, AxB 3 Does any IV define groups? How many IV’s are there? How many IV’s are there? 1-way repeated- Measures ANOVA, or, SsxA 2-way repeated- Measures ANOVA, or, SsxAxB 2 No 1 Y e s “Split-plot” ANOVA, or, xB A Ss
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A teacher is curious as to whether the color with which a room is painted will affect the scores of her students. To test this theory, he randomly assigns her students to take a test in one of three rooms: a red room, a blue room, and a green room. How would he compare scores obtained in the three rooms?
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Unformatted text preview: In a test of a new pain-relief drug, thirty rats are tested after receiving no drug, after receiving 100 mg of the drug, and after receiving 200 mg of the drug. How would a researcher evaluate the drugs effectiveness? A scientist is interested in determining whether anxiety and self-esteem can be used to predict GPA. Both anxiety and self-esteem are measured via standard measurement instruments, with a population mean=100 and SD=15. Fifty students are randomly assigned to have either no coffee or two cups of coffee. All students blood pressures are then measured in both a relaxed setting and a stressful setting....
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Choosing_Analyses - In a test of a new pain-relief drug,...

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