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Here are a few design-identification questions for practice. If you see anything that looks like an error, please let me know immediately. dr.c For each item, identify: a) IV name(s) b) levels of each IV c) measurement type (continuous or categorical) of each IV d) categorization type (between-groups or repeated-measures) for each categorical IV e) DV name f) measurement type (continuous or categorical) of the DV g) design (i.e., appropriate analysis) h) For each ANOVA or regression design, produce a table with Source , SS , and df columns. 1. A political scientist wants to test the relationship between Sex and Political Party. 2. Thirty rats are randomly assigned to receive a placebo or a new pain medication. Pain sensitivity was measured in each rat in the morning and at night. 3. Sixty adults with dandruff are randomly assigned to receive one of three shampoos: Shampoo A (Placebo), Shampoo B (Anti-Dandruff 1), Shampoo C (Anti-Dandruff 2). Half of each group is tested in the morning and the other half at night. Half of the subjects in each
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Unformatted text preview: condition are male and half are female. 4. A researcher wants to know the relationship between Depression score and Income. 5. A researcher wants to predict blood pressure from weight. 6. The mood of twenty subjects is measured after watching movies in the morning and after watching movies at night. At both morning and night, all subjects are measured after watching a comedy movie and after watching an action movie. 7. An experimenter measures anxiety in twenty males and twenty females. 8. A pharmacologist hypothesizes that a drug will be more effective if administered in the morning than if administered at night. Forty subjects are randomly assigned to receive the drug or a placebo. Half of each group receives the treatment in the morning and half at night. After answering the standard questions, also describe specifically how the pharmacologist will test her hypothesis. 9. A Tulane Admissions staff member wants to predict college GPA from SAT score and high-school GPA....
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