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Adam Ross 10/4/07 Essay 2 *Ignorance is Bliss* Rene Gallimard of M. Butterfly fits the quintessential description of the normal brainless guy, as described by Dave Barry in his essay /Guys vs. Men/. Gallimard fools himself into accepting a reality he knows to be false. Through the use of predispositions and stereotypes he came to view the situation from a warped perspective. He does this in pursuit of his own desires, ignoring responsibility and truth in order to live in his own fantasy world. This character flaw ultimately leads to his downfall in his relationship with Song. In his naivety, he failed to realize that Song was more of a man than he was. To better understand, Gallimard’s character, readers must pay complete attention to his own comments about himself. Gallimard, viewing the story in retrospect, becomes the greatest source for information about his own actions. Through his own words we come to see his true nature, “The sad truth is that all men want a beautiful woman, and the uglier the man, the greater the want” (p. 14). Gallimard is a victim of this desire, an ugly man supposedly undeserving of a woman’s love. This burning desire leads him to stop at nothing in achieving his number one fantasy. Gallimard’s favorite play, Madame Butterfly is the complete realization of his fantasy. Gallimard, an undeserving man, wishes for a woman whom despite his obvious faults will love him unconditionally. In the play, a philandering sailor named Pinkerton purchases a Japanese woman for marriage. She falls deeply in love with him and when he
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leaves port irrationally believes that he will return. After three years pass, Pinkerton’s new wife comes from the states to pick up his child with Butterfly. In shame and sorrow from the realization that Pinkerton has given her up, Butterfly kills herself.
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adams essay - Adam Ross 10/4/07 Essay 2 *Ignorance is...

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