Arab Israeli Conflict

Arab Israeli Conflict - Arab Israeli Conflict Since the...

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Arab Israeli Conflict Since the 1920’s born out of the Balfour generation And because of the creation of a Israeli national home Also concerning the division of the middle east The Arab-Israeli conflict (Arabic: يل±ئارس²ا يبرع³ا ´ارص³ا , Hebrew: ךוסכסה יברע ילארשיה ) spans about a century of political tensions and open hostilities. It involves the establishment of the modern State of Israel as a Jewish nation state, as well as the relationship between the Arab nations and the state of Israel (see related Israeli- Palestinian conflict). Scope of the conflict Some uses of the term Middle East conflict refer to this matter; however, the region has been host to other conflicts not involving Israel (see List of conflicts in the Middle East). Since 1979, the conflict involves the Islamic Republic of Iran (a non-Arab state, not highlighted on the map) as well. Despite involving a relatively small land area and number of casualties, the conflict has been the focus of worldwide media and diplomatic attention for decades. Many countries, individuals and non-governmental organizations elsewhere in the world feel involved in this conflict for reasons such as cultural and religious ties with Islam, Arab culture, Christianity, Judaism, Jewish culture or for ideological, human rights, or strategic reasons. Because Israel is a democracy with a free press, the media has access to the conflict which also increases media coverage. While some consider the Arab-Israeli conflict a part of (or a precursor to) a wider clash of civilizations between the Western World and the Arab or Muslim world [1] [2] , others oppose this view and claim that the religion dimension is a new matter in this conflict. [3]
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Arab Israeli Conflict - Arab Israeli Conflict Since the...

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