Music History TEST #1 REVIEW SHEET

Music History TEST #1 REVIEW SHEET - Music History Test #1...

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Music History Test #1 Study Guide 1. What are the six fundamentals of music? a. Sound b. Rhythm c. Melody d. Harmony e. Texture f. Form 2. What are the four properties of sound? a. Pitch b. Dynamics c. Duration d. Tone Color 3. What is the difference between definite and indefinite pitch? Can you give an example? a. Definite sound is an actual note when indefinite is a noise like sound, an example of indefinite pitch would be a bang on the table 4. How many different pitches/notes are there in western music? a. 12 notes 5. Can you identify the different dynamic markings (abbreviations) and put them in order from loud to soft? a. Ff – fortissimo b. F – forte c. Mf – mezzo forte d. Mp – mezzo piano e. P – piano f. Pp – pianissimo
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6. What is a gradual change from loud to soft call? From soft to loud? a. 7. What does tone color refer to? What is another name for it? a. The sound that an instrument makes, quality that makes one sound district from another -- Timbre (tamber) 8. What are the four families of instruments common to the orchestra? a. Woodwind b. Percussion c. Brass d. String 9. Can you name the individual members of each family? a. Woodwind – clarinet, flute, sax b. Percussion – drums, triangle c. Brass—tuba, trumpet, French horn, trombone d. String—violin, viola, bass, chello 10. Which woodwinds are single reed instruments? Which are double reed?
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Music History TEST #1 REVIEW SHEET - Music History Test #1...

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