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Concert Report #2 - Melissa Corwin Dr Peterson Concert...

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Melissa Corwin Dr. Peterson December 12, 2007 Concert Report #2 On Wednesday, December 12, 2007, The Charles Garner Recital Hall of Southern Connecticut State University held a small ensemble concert featuring the Blues, Jazz Standards and Latin Jazz Bandsof SCSU. The concert lasted approx. 1 ½ hours with soloists that included pianist Mallory Johns, drummer Jonathan Allison, singer Anna Denos, guitarist Anthony Fantano, flutist Melissa Kopylec and violinist Sara Wernau. The SCSU Blues Band was made up of Anna Denos on vocals, Jonathan Allison on the drums and Mallory Johns on piano. The SCSU Jazz Standards band also included those 3 performers plus Anthony Fantano on bass guitar. The last ensemble was the SCSU Latin Jazz Band, which included Sara Wernau and Brittany Roach on violin, Melissa Kopylec on flute, Jonathan Colon, Gami Rosa and Fred Kaseser on percussion and Mallory Johns on piano. Charles Garner Recital Hall is a quaint performance hall for concerts on the smaller size. The hall gives you more of a casual and intimate feeling because you feel closer to the performers. The concert’s audience consisted of family and fellow students of the performers, the ages ranged from at least 18-20 and 35-60. But it seemed like the students outnumbered the parents. The program given at the door was a helpful guide with the piece and composer names. I personally sat front and center with a very comfortable with the stage being so close; the stage consisted of all of the performers scattered around the stage with the piano to the far right. The difference with this performance from others is that one of music professor who played bass was stating the title and composer of the piece and there wasn’t much of a small summary given about each. The program consisted of the usual composer and title of each piece. And also included the names and instruments played by the performers, and with the names of the small ensembles you were told the genre because it’s stated in the name of each. The pieces with the genre of blues were
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Backwater Blues by Bessie Smith (1892-4—1937, the websites were not sure of her exact birth year because of inadequate records), Coldshot by Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954-1990) and Black Night by Muddy Waters (1913-1983). The jazz pieces included All the things you are by Jerome Kern (1885- 1945) and Oscar Hammerstein (1895-1960), Wild is the wind by Dimitri Tiomkin (1894-1979) and Ned
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