FINAL EXAM PIECES - Genre: Symphonic Poem Style: Romantic...

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Final Exam Pieces ROMANTIC PERIOD (1820-1900) Composer: Beethoven Title: Symphony No. 5 Genre: Symphony Style: Romantic Movement: 1 st - Motive = short, short, long Composer: Schubert Title: The Erlking Genre: Art Song Style: Romantic Movement: N/A - In German Composer: Chopin Title: Nocturne in F-Sharp, Op. 15, No. 2 Genre: Character Piece Style: Romantic Movement: N/A - ALL PIANO Composer: Berlioz Title: Symphonie Fantasique Genre: Program Symphony Style: Romantic Movement: 5 th (Dream of Witches Sabbath) 1) Idée fixe 2) Dies irae 3) Witches round dance Composer: Verdi Title: Aida Genre: Aria from Opera Style: Romantic Movement: N/A Act IV, Scene 2 - In Italian Composer: Tchaikovsky
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Unformatted text preview: Genre: Symphonic Poem Style: Romantic Movement: 1 (ONLY 1 MOVEMENT IN SYMPHONIC POEM) 20 th Century Period Composer: Debussy Title: Clouds Genre: Symphonic Poem Style: 20 th Century Impressionism Final Exam Pieces Composer: Stravinsky Title: The Rite of spring Genre: Ballet or Concert Suite Style: 20 th Century Nationalism Composer: Ives Title: Orchestral Set No. 2 the rockstrewn hills join in the peoples outside meeting Genre: Symphony/Orchestral? Style: 20 th century Movement: 2 nd Composer: Copland Title: Appalachian Spring Genre: Ballet/ Concert Suite Style: American Standard (nationalism)...
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FINAL EXAM PIECES - Genre: Symphonic Poem Style: Romantic...

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