Music Final Review

Music Final Review - Vocabulary Atonal- lack of scale...

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Vocabulary Atonal - lack of scale Ballet Russes - innovative Russian ballet company Character piece - a short work for solo piano (3-5 minutes) usually expressing a single mood or character Col legno - tap string with the back of the bow Dies Irae - Gregorian chant (symphonie fantastique) Expressionism - expressed the most extreme human feelings by divorcing art from everyday literalness. (hysteria) Program music - instrumental music that is intended to tell a story, express an idea, or some other extra music concept Program symphony - a symphony (work for orchestra/several movements) that tells a story Idée fixe - recurring melody that is used throughout an entire work “fixed idea” (symphonie fantastique) Impressionism - a French artistic movement of the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries Lied Libretto - person who writes the words to the music of an opera Sprechstimme - style of singing between actual melody and speaking Strophic form - set each verse to the same music Symphonic poem Motive - short musical idea Nationalism -a 19 th century movement promoting music built on national folk songs and dances, or associated with national subjects Nocturne - night piece, specific character piece Pierrot Lunaire - “The moonfleck,” piece by Schoenberg, song cycle/ art song, 20 th century expressionism Rubato - consciously speeding up or slowing down the beat Thematic transformation - the character/mood of the theme changes to reflect a story
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Music Final Review - Vocabulary Atonal- lack of scale...

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