Music History Notes, October 2nd

Music History Notes, October 2nd - 2 Dynamics a Very few...

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October 2, 2007 Style Periods Medieval – (ca. 450-1450) Renaissance – (1450-1600) Baroque – (1600-1750) Classical – (1750-1820) Romantic – (1820-1900) Mainstream 20 th c. – Pre war to 1945 Post war after 1945 art music- classical music * Baroque Period When? 1600-1750 early = 1600-1700, *Late= 1700-1750 (18 th Century) Who? o J.S. Bach (Germany) o A. Vivaldi (Italy) o G.F. Handell (Germany moved to England) Why? baracco - “misshapen pearl” Where? o Court (King) o Church o Opera House What else: o Absolutism (age of king)- divine right of the king o Age of Science- extravagance vs. order Style traits: 1. Rhythm a. Very metrical, rarely tempo changes b. Listen to bass line c. “walking bass” – very rhythmic, steady bass line
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Dynamics a. Very few changes [p, f] 3. Tone Color a. Bright, crisp b. Harpsichord c. Piccolo trumpet d. Recorder Orchestra a. Basic (violone) & Keyboard (Harpsichord, organ) b. Festive i. Strings (violin, viola, cello, bass) ii. Woodwinds (oboe, bassoon, flute) iii. Brass (trumpet, French horn) iv. Percussion (timpani) v. Keyboard 4. Melody a. Complex, busy b. Ornamentation 5. Texture a. Polyphonic (counterpoint) Continuo-plays the bass line and chords Groups of instruments a. keyboard (harpsichord, organ) b. bass instrument (cello, bass, bassoon) Rhythm Section (Jazz) a) drums b) bass c) keyboard d) piano/guitar...
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Music History Notes, October 2nd - 2 Dynamics a Very few...

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