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Here are the solutions. If you see anything that looks like an error, please let me know immediately. I did not show you how to produce source tables after the first, as you can see source tables in the online handout dr.c 1. A political scientist wants to test the relationship between Sex and Political Party. IV Levels Measurement Type Categorization Type Sex Male, Female Categorical Between-groups DV Measurement Type Political Party Categorical Design Chi-square test of independence Source Table Not required for chi-square 2. Thirty rats are randomly assigned to receive a placebo or a new pain medication. Pain sensitivity was measured in each rat in the morning and at night. IV Levels Measurement Type Categorization Type Medication Placebo, Drug Categorical Between-groups Time Morning, Night Categorical Repeated-measures DV Measurement Type Pain Continuous Design Split plot ANOVA Source Table Source SS df Betw. S s 2 ) ( y y S s – 1 = 30-1 = 29 Medication 2 ) ( y y M a – 1 = 2-1 = 1 S / Medication 2 ) ( M S y y s a = 30-2 = 28 Within S s 2 ) ( S y y
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Sample_design_questions_2_SOLUTIONS - Here are the...

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