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Learning Cell Notes - a. Does Lynn White urge us to abandon...

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a. Does Lynn White urge us to abandon the religions altogether? No, more specifically Judaeo-Christian traditions Suggested that Zen Buddhism might provide more earth- friendly philosophical foundations Hinduism and Taoism are also more environmentally- conscious than the Judaeo-Christian traditions Despite the increased awareness in these East Asian religions, India and China (dominated by Hinduism and Taoism respectively) have appalling environmental histories. Therefore it is impossible to blame religious philosophies entirely for the destruction of the environment Idealizes Saint Francis, a Christian religious figure “The greatest spiritual revolutionary in Western history, Saint Francis, proposed what he thought was an alternative Christian view of nature and man’s relation to it: he tried to substitute the idea of the equality of all creatures, including man, for the idea of man’s limitless rule of creation” despite the fact that Saint Francis’s ideas do not perfectly fit with traditional Christian interpretation of the biblical texts, he is a Christian figure, and therefore White is not encouraging that we abolish Christian thought but rather, update it Also refers to the industrial revolution as a culprit However, he e xpressed doubt that the ecological backlash  can be avoided by simply applying more science and  technology to the problems It is the general outlook and philosophies of humanity that need to change The Age of Christianity
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Learning Cell Notes - a. Does Lynn White urge us to abandon...

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