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Unit 1 reading answers - Name: Lauren Pearce 260262240 RELG...

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Name : Lauren Pearce 260262240 RELG 203: Bible and Western Culture Unit One Reading Assignment 1.) What is one of the primary functions of prophets in the biblical texts, according to Pelikan? How is this similar to, or different from, contemporary notions of prophets and prophecy? The primary function of biblical prophets, according to Pelikan, is to speak in the name and with the authority of a higher power, such as god. This differs from the contemporary definition of the same, as today one defines a prophet as someone who can tell the future. This definition has no specifications regarding where this knowledge or prophecy comes from, whether it be from god or one’s own head. 2.) In your own words, briefly describe the significance of the spoken word for the development and transmission of the biblical tradition. The spoken word is superior to the written word in preserving biblical traditions, and is therefore valued immensely. The spoken word allows for expression that one might otherwise not be able to convey, and also books have no opinion over the contents of their pages and therefore they can not protect them from abuse or misunderstanding. While the bible exists on the page, it comes to life in it’s own recital, and therefore can be preserved among generations. 3.) What is “Disneyization,” according to Cobb? Briefly describe an example in which the Bible (or a portion of the Bible) has been “Disneyized.” “Disneyization” is the process by which high end cultural practices and themes are made accessible to the common person through entertainment. The bible has been “disneyized”
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Unit 1 reading answers - Name: Lauren Pearce 260262240 RELG...

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