2007-09-06 - The Emergence of Modernity 1 The Monopoly...

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The Emergence of Modernity 1. The Monopoly Mechanism 2. Reformation 3. Renaissance and “Humanizm” 4. The French Revolution 5. The Scientific Revolution Other notes There is rank among the aristocracy, lower and higher All power derived from land holdings Only three possible ways to gain land o War and annexation o Marriage o Fertilization of land and colonization Driven by the monastic orders to drive eastward The outcome of these wars for land resulted in some centralized and other decentralized areas (more decentralized) o Perpetual conflict The Monopoly Mechanism Nobert Elios Centralized state emerges Feudal state has a monopoly of violence o That monopoly of violence occurs towards the end of the feudal period which leads to the centralized states and armies o Standing armies are created and always on alert Not armies that are organized and disbanded depending on conflict The monopoly of The formation of the modern state is due to the disarmament o All rival feudalist states must be overcome for the centralized state to rule Wars are now between centralized states which result in bigger conflicts There is a lot of conflict and there was no guarantee that a centralized state could emerge in an area There is no guarantee the centralized state will not disintegrate
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2007-09-06 - The Emergence of Modernity 1 The Monopoly...

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