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SOC 302 Essay 3 Daniel Park Wen 10 AM Disc Weber states that the world religions cater to the countless beliefs of man that tries to give a sense of explanation and purpose to their present lives. Through religion, man experiences the senseless and demands that the world and the suffering in the world make sense. Theodicy is used to explain the existence of evil and the reason for suffering, which shape the economic ethic of religion. If man believes that suffering results from sin and that there are consequences to sin than man will logically not sin. Also religion gives man the belief in a cosmos or that the universe is an orderly system. These beliefs have led to a rationalization of religion in the modern world. By rationalizing, religion has become rather an explanation of the unknown.
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Unformatted text preview: Religion uses practical and theoretical concepts to rationalize the beliefs man demands even though they are founded on the unproven. Because of this, the beliefs religion gives man become rationalized by man and accepted as given and the norm. Thus man rationalizes and believes in something that cannot be proven causing him to believe in the irrational. Religions have become charged with explaining not the rationality of beliefs but dealing the irrationality of them. Religions will continue to persist as the world becomes more and more rational because as man learns about and rationalizes the world around him, religions will still exists to explain the unknown....
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