2007-11-13 - I. The multi-Dimensional Theory of...

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I. The multi-Dimensional Theory of stratification -Persons and organizations II. The three Webers According to Marx, classes are primarily part of and defined in terms of economics. A class is an economic class. Defined by its relation to the means of production. Where that relation can be ownership or no ownership. According to Marx there’s a society where everyone will try to become a member of bourgeoisie or proletariat. Due to logic of capitalist development, the vast majority of pop. Will end up in proletariat bc of concentration of capitol that leads to a formal capitalism called monopoly capitalism. Marx’s prediction was that s capitalist societies developed, capitol would concentrate in the hands of monopolies and as a result the ruling class will become economically more powerful but demographically smaller. The process through which capitol monopolizes, it drives out all those into working class. The working class increases in size, feeding itself off small entrepreneurs who have lost out in the process of monopolization and become disenfranchised. Marx’s prediction was that in advance capitalist society you’d have a dual class structure with all the intermediate classes in between. The middle class would become the growing working class that would eventually overthrow capitalist social order. This prediction has turned out WRONG in many ways: 1. None of the socialist revolutions that have taken place in 20 th century occurred in advanced capitalist societies. The rev that did occur (oct rev in Russia, cultural in china, postcolonial in LA) none of these occurred in territory of advanced capitalist society, they all took place in societies that were mostly rural and agrarian. 2. If we looked at most advanced capitalist societies, we find that proletariat has now grown neither numerically nor politically stronger. (Industrial unskilled labor class) has grown numerically and politically. Has to do with structural changes in economy. The most important of that structural change is the increasing of the service sector, which has lead to a nonracially and political decline of the working class. The power of labor unions has declined, and so had the political disability and force of socialist parties. Proletariat won’t grow. Third difficulty The class structure of advanced capitalist societies is not just between bourgious and proletariat o It has become more complex o There are a series of classes with many subdivision within them o There are divisions along social, ethnic, gender, regional o As a a reseult weber suggests that we need to revise the theory of stratification o We need a mult dimensional teory, marx has a single theory o
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2007-11-13 - I. The multi-Dimensional Theory of...

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