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Random Notes Virtuoso – top of hierarchy Masses – the bottom of the hierarchy The virtuoso can sometimes get disjointed from the masses The virtuoso is normally in control 1. a. Weber vs. Marx i. Marx 1. ideology is a reflection of religion 2. economics (base) determines superstructure a. religion would be part of superstructure b. religion is an illusion that lulls people to sleep instead of thinking about their real life ii. Weber 1. strata = class 2. Marx is wrong 3. there is a connection and a disconnect between religious ideas and economics, they are autonomous to a certain extent 4. one’s religious view can affect your economic ethic
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Unformatted text preview: a. base and superstructure go both ways 2. Suffering & Good Fortune a. Suffering i. Religion explains why there is suffering in the world ii. The crappy lives will be redeemed in the future iii. Salvation iv. Asceticism v. Secret guilt 1. the people that are suffering are the ones that are actually wicked b. either one - making meaning out of something that is meaningless i. rationality 3. Religion & Economics II a. Economics influences religion b. Methodically rationalized i. Creating a world view – when you see something through for ex. Secret guilt...
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