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2007-12-13 - Final Exam Review

2007-12-13 - Final Exam Review - Final Exam Review...

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Final Exam Review Structure of exam 1 st Part: o pick 2 out of 4 o durkheim and weber only 2 nd Part: o pick 1 out of 3 comparisons, marx (midterm notes) is fair game How do the two functions differ between durkheim and weber o Weber Effective religion How it relates to capitalism More on individual o Durkheim Effective religion Creation of solidarity Collective effervenscence More on group Contrasting positive law and natural law o positive Not something we find We have laws that determine how laws come about Constantly remake it Law in continual process of change o Natural Law is found or given The idea of changing law is nearly impossible Given by god Ex. Middle eastern countries based a lot on gods law What is the weber thesis o Theory about religion that the protestant movement influences capitalism o It is a work ethic o Make money but save it o Indulgence is bad o By saving, you create capital Effectiveness and efficiency o Effectiveness o Efficiency Most economical way to achieve an end The protestant ethic is a sense of efficiency
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The problem of rationality o Major problem weber sees in rationality is kind of unhappy that there is so much rationality and bureaucracy o He sees the lack of emotion and spontanaeity, doesn’t like this o People acting like robots o People follow rules and don’t have any of their own input o Weber famous line: bureaucracy is an iron cage Something we will never escape o Soviet Union fell because it had too much bureaucracy Modes of Social Action o 4 modes of social action
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2007-12-13 - Final Exam Review - Final Exam Review...

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