2007-09-13 - 1 The Scientific Revolution 2 The Solutions to...

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1) The Scientific Revolution 2) The … Solutions to the Problem of Order a. Marx – violence The Scientific Revolution British Empiricism o Science replaces religion in a lot of aspects o But does not completely replace religion o Science advances give it authority o Carries a level of credibility o Most rational way to secure knowledge o Reliable knowledge o A reliable claim can be replicated o Observation and experiment not based on sacred authorities or prophetic writings o Scientific knowledge based on two sources, REASONS AND EVIDENCE o Critical on anything not based on reason and evidence, the scientific method o Science is the authority on the outlook of the world The church highly challenges it o Science continues to have the most authority over what the world really looks like o The feudal church receives several blows from the renaissance, republic of letters, and the scientific revolution Break up the monopoly of the feudal church on the monopoly of the world o Scientific revolution (unique to occidental modernity) Most legitimate institution of reliable knowledge Science as a profession o What constitutes a profession A self regulated community of experts This community establishes more or less exclusive control over its area of expertise It reserves the right to practice the profession to those that approved by the profession Restricts access to who can practice the profession Such privileges are tied to the state o Ex. Boards of accreditation No one outside the profession can perform the profession Reserves the right to train its own practitioners, recruitment, advancement Socialized into the profession Such a profession has various degrees of autonomy
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Exclusive control over its area of expertise A professional decides what work is and how to carry it out o What are its puzzles and how to figure it out o Only the professional what are real solutions Only the profession decides what counts as problems and
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2007-09-13 - 1 The Scientific Revolution 2 The Solutions to...

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