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Practice of economics o Labor is being devalued Theory of economics o he thinks their theory is wrong o political economies make assumptions that it shouldn’t make 1. Criticisms of “political economy” (Marx???his term for economic theory) a. “fortuitous fact” i. Economic laws in society suddenly appear ii. Ex. Adam Smith’s invisible hand theory iii. Marx says one needs to study the social system to examine the economics 1. the social system is an unjust system iv. political economists don’t conceive of the notion of alienation b. 2. Alienation a. From her product i. Ex. In a car factory, each person works on a different part of the car to get the same exact car each time, there’s no personal touch or feeling, the worker is not selling the product that he made, but he’s selling his labor b. From activity i. One’s labor belongs to another person, forced labor instead labor that you want to do, alienation from creativity
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Unformatted text preview: c. From “species-being” i. The only reason people go to work is because they need money ii. “Man as maker” iii. Society creates the notion that people need to work in order to be a good citizen iv. Not expressing their human nature d. Other people i. Alienated from your boss ii. Alienated from you coworkers 1. when one specializes, they don’t have relationships with others 3. Crude vs. Positive Communism a. Crude communism – simply make everyone equal and you will have communism i. Everyone will still be working ii. Everyone will still think about one’s property b. Positive communism – transcend the idea about private property i. Do away with the idea of greed and private property c. Marx never gives a blueprint to communism, it was supposed to be abstract i. Never described as soviet union or cuba...
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