2007-10-15 - o Life is complex o People can have multiple...

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Max Weber (1864 – 1920) a. Types of Authority o Traditional Authority by custom or habit People have always done it a certain way and they will continue to do it o Charismatic Weakest form of authority Power derived from persona of the leader, charisma o Rational – Legal Most important Authority found on written rules People will submit to authority if it is in written law Constitution Legal system b. Class, Status, Party o There are multiple ways to group people besides economically o Class Economic and social resources o Status Moral evaluation or worth a group of people may have Ex. respect of doctors is higher than respect of mechanics Education is one type of status o Party Access to political party c.
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Unformatted text preview: o Life is complex o People can have multiple grouping as opposed to Marx Ex. Artist • Poor, but have higher status in society o Spirit of Capitalism Greed and desire for money have always existed Can’t be the cultural basis of capitalism There is some sort of secular astheticism • There is actually some restraint • One needs capital to make capital • The capital is reinvested back into the company • Pleasures are forgone for the company and the cycle goes on and on. This idea comes from the reformation • The protestant work ethic The Protestant Work Ethic • Capitalism gets started by frugal people reinvesting their money...
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2007-10-15 - o Life is complex o People can have multiple...

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