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Rob Mire, MPA, Instructor [email protected] Cell 225-439-1548 Office Hours: By Appointment Syllabus: Domestic and International Terrorism SOWK-260-01 Richardson 117 Tuesday / Thursday 12:30 P – 0145 P TEXTBOOKS: Jonathan R. White, Terrorism and Homeland Security , Fifth edition, Thomson Wadsworth, ISBN 0-534-64381-7. Sabina L. Burton, Current Perspectives: Readings from InfoTrac College Edition : Terrorism and Homeland Security, Second edition, Thomson Wadsworth, ISBN 0-495-12994-1. Course Description and Learning Objectives: This course introduces you to theories, motivations, tactics, and goals of terrorism. The course will provide insight into the ideology, structure, financing, and driving forces behind terrorist groups inside the United States (home-grown) and international (foreign) groups. Additionally, the course will offer a critical analysis of the governmental response to the “war on terrorism”, including contemporary models of counterterrorism. Upon satisfactory completion of this course, you should be able to demonstrate comprehension and application of the following: Define domestic and international terrorism Understand historical and contemporary tactics of terrorism Understand the major theories of terrorism Explain the motivations of the terrorist, including religious, ideological, and nationalistic terrorism Comprehend the organization of terrorist groups into “terrorist cells” Understand the structure of terrorist financing Understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Understand the umbrella effect of Jihadist groups Understand the impact of technology and the media on terrorism Exhibit the ability to debate a position as it relates to domestic and international terrorism and counter terrorism Develop an understanding of the governmental response to terrorism and become familiar with counterterrorism efforts including the establishment of laws, use of the military, diplomacy, and related techniques 1
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Page 2 SOWK-260-01 Spring 2007 Instructional Methods and Procedures: Course lectures will follow the Course Schedule (see p. 4 and p. 5) and will cover
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Introduction_to_Terrorism_Syllabus_Mire_Spring_2007 - Rob...

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