MIDTERM REVIEW - SOC MID-TERM REVIEW Every reading in pink...

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SOC MID-TERM REVIEW Every reading in pink book has at least one question. Not more than one question each in Ch. 1-3 Many more on Chapters 4-9 (about two questions per chapter) C Wright Mills is relevant Huber presents theory of economy, family and gender o A lot simpler than blumberg’s o 3 main propositions Be able to recognize them, and what is not them Micro Macro-women not 100% committed to child-rearing resp The people who have most power and prestige are those that control distribution Fertility Blumberg: concerned with the relative control of economic resources. Chafetz o Nice comparison o General theory: Gender division of labor o More concerned with stability than change; whatever else they may do in society— women disproportionately responsible for child care and housework—tends to disadvantage them in other societal tasks. “Stuck” in these positions. Thinks less about change (compared to Blumberg--differs) o She is writing about the “handicaps” that make it slower and harder for change to occur; but she doesn’t deny the change; different take on it than Blumberg Randy Collins o Many theories
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o Organizational power (order givers vs. takers) Often cross-class dimension in marriage What you wear to work does not determine class Order-taking, white-collar, but essentially working class jobs—women Working class women see how more upper class presents things more neatly, pretty ---“front stage responsibilities”—represent organization, so more likely to internalize responsibilities Men with blue collar job—more cynical about job, externalize, doesn’t quite get inside them Evelyn Nakano Glenn o Best-known part of article o Chinese-American families: enormously different families over time, despite
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MIDTERM REVIEW - SOC MID-TERM REVIEW Every reading in pink...

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