2007-09-25 - Alienation o Something that belongs appears as...

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Alienation o Something that belongs appears as alien or strange o Something that is created turns against its creator o The creator creates something that then turns into an alien force o Something that seems to be beyond the control of it creator o Feurbach The main form of alienation in Christianity God is a human creation Becomes an independent force above and beyond his creators The division that creates alienation is the world and god In order to overcome alienation, god has to be seen as a human creation The distinction must be abandoned This results in humanism Another way of saying atheism The subject creates itself Emancipates itself from any higher authority To over come alienation, affirm secular atheistic humanism The creator takes back his creation Realize the humans are the source of god and not the other way around o Hagel Unhappy consciousness A philosophical term When the subject sees itself as an object, then consciousness is unhappy and objectified In the distinction between subject and object, the object determines the subject The consciousness appears as a material object When the subject appears as a simple physical mass In order to overcome alienation, the subject must remove itself from the object, and recognize he is a subject and not an object Hagel calls this self consciousness The subject determines itself The subject becomes its own creation Removes itself from the world of the object Becomes absolute Absolute comes from absolve Separate oneself from being an object In practice, to overcome alienation, the subject must become other from the world of physics and physics masses, or other worlds The subject becomes transcendental when it surpasses the world The everyday world
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Overcoming alienation means the removal of the subject from the world The subject is knowledge, consciousness It is a thinking subject WE ARE KNOWING BEINGS When it has purified itself from engagements and retreats from the world Its engaged in pure thought and meditation When thinking becomes pure, reflexivity o When one thinks about oneself and not the world Overcome alienation, pure self consciousness That is different from marx
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2007-09-25 - Alienation o Something that belongs appears as...

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