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Other notes: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ACTION AND BEHAVIOR? 1. Social Action a. Ex. eating in a restaurant i. Through Weber’s eyes 1. Complaining is subjective a. A mental act combined with a physical act 2. Table manners a. How someone is brought up b. Behaviorism (importance) i. No way to tell what a person is thinking or feels c. Difference between action and behavior is that action gets into the meaning of a behavior???? d. Subjective meaning of an individual i. The meaning that the individual gives to its own action e. P. 112 – what makes it social i. When there are interactions between more than one person ii. Ex. if you’re eating food at home there is a subjective meaningful action but it is not a social interaction, in order for it to be social there has to be interaction with others
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Changing activity depending on who is with you f. P. 97 – problems determining the subjective meaning of others i. Your inherent bias ii. Some people don’t realize their own actions iii. Many motivations for one action 1. emotions, who one is interacting with, what type of restaurant 2. Types of Social Action a. Zweckrational b. Wertrational c. Affection (borderline subjective meaningful action) i. Emotional action ii. Actions based on emotional state or feelings iii. Raw emotions iv. Crying, anger, rage, laughter d. Habit i. Traditional action ii. People act in a certain way because its always been done iii. Habitual action is so habitual we don’t realize it 1. not a lot of thought or motivation iv. 3. Social Relationships...
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