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2007-11-15 - Ernie

2007-11-15 - Ernie - Three Webers Each of these Webers...

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Three Webers Each of these Webers approaches modernity in different ways These differences have to do with different views in occidental Modernity Weber #1: The Conflict Weber Surfaces in the discussion of the informal systems within organization (which is composed of groups and networks organized into coalitions) The coalitions are different from the organizations Organizations have formal power and informal power (power is formed through internal networking) For Weber an organization is an arena of struggles between coalitions over the control of the organization This conflict has various subgroups Conflict between order makers and order takers (vertical) Conflict between ethnic and gender lines, rival departments of same organization (horizontal) What is at stake in these conflicts is economic, social and cultural capital within the organization There is also conflict between organizations in the same field I.E. the educational field (status of colleges): U.S. News and Report Rankings Ivy-League schools have economic capital because of endowments, social capitals because of network opportunities, and cultural capital because of reputation of the schools internationally Lower ranked schools have less of these things Conflict occurs with who will be ranked where Principle of Accumulative Advantages : Advantages accumulate over time, so that more you have now, the more you have to gain and the less you have now, the less you have to gain in the future Conflict comes from within organizations and outside them
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