2007-11-12 - act for god o normally protestants o idea of...

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Random Notes Rationality is not essential, it is a variable front stage - public appear to be more rational back stage - private difference between sects and church sects choose to be a member moral qualifications relatively higher commitment church born into the church no qualifications low commitment organization Difference between European and American churches European - automatically a member of the national church How the sects affect capitalism determines the work ethic harder you work the more money you make you are supposed to work hard credit worthiness trust is based on on membership to a sect o extending credit o trusting as a businessman Religious Rejections active ascetism o connected o tool of god
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Unformatted text preview: act for god o normally protestants o idea of knowledge of god is impossible carry out gods plan inner worldly mysticism o not connected o mystical experience or contemplated possession meditation, ecstasy o outer worldly Religion and its problems/tensions with various worldly institutions economics politics art sex intellectual thought Religion and disenchantment with the rise of science, religion is falling away the world seems less mysterious, less magical we can explain a lot of things, no longer secret life seems more meaningless no ultimate purpose in life gravity is here just because, no magical or religious reason life is almost pointless...
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2007-11-12 - act for god o normally protestants o idea of...

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