2007-12-03 - o Negative rituals Taboos known to be wrong in...

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Exam Stuff (blue book) (3-5 pages each) Pick 2 out of the 5 o More descriptive What is such n such Pick 1 of 3 o Descriptive and critical thinking (more difficult) How is weber view of class different from durkheim (one of them) cant remember Random notes Church – community of believers, copresent o Beliefs and practices Not only something you think but something you do Regular Notes Religion o Definition A unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden – beliefs and practices which unite into a single moral community, called a “church”, all those who adhere to them o Sacred and Profane Sacred things have a special meaning Ex. Totem (sacred object) “flag of the clan” Symbol of a nation What that object represents – sense of a nation Beliefs and ideas The genesis and life of the group The sacred can be physical things, times, and places
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Unformatted text preview: o Negative rituals Taboos known to be wrong in a society Proscriptions Things you must not do o No eating pork o Dont wear hats in church o Etc Sets up a barrier between the sacred and profane Without the negative ritual, you are unable to distinguish between the sacred and profane o Positive rituals Allows a way to interact Makes you sacred or cleanse from all things profane prescriptions actions you should take o Random notes Some say god is not essential Sociology of Knowledge (not tested on) o Classifications Class vs. resemblance The idea of class comes from society We divide up ourselves into distinct different people o Reality and beliefs o Correspondence theory of Truth Ex. Declarative sentence The book is on the table o Truth and knowledge exists in the world (not in the heavenly sky, etc.) Evaluations...
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2007-12-03 - o Negative rituals Taboos known to be wrong in...

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