2007-10-02 - Thurs Review Session 1. Two Ways of Thinking...

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Thurs Review Session 1. Two Ways of Thinking about Knowledge a. Philosophy and Faith b. Sociology and Who Knows? 2. Forms of Division of 3. materialistic intellectual 4. family as Two Ways of Looking at Knowledge Philosophical Way from a Sociological Way Philosophical Way aka Epistomology o Main concern – the truth of that knowledge When a philosopher looks at knowledge then the most important question that philosopher asks, “Is it true or not” By truth, philosophers mean one of two things Does knowledge describe objectively between two things Does knowledge about the external world capture that world faithfully and validly o The way in which correspondence is established is through empirical tests o One looks at the evidence/data/outcomes o Whatever observations one might produce in order to test for the correspondence to objective reality o 1 st form of test Empiracle – compare data o 2 nd form of test Logical test – test for coherence of knowledge whether the opponents of knowledge contradict each other o The true system of knowledge must be logically coherent and empirically supported Sociology is not concerned with a particular set of knowledge is true, rather what they are interested in is who is the one who knows, who is the observer o Knowledge only exists in the plural o Different systems of knowledge are held by different observers Observers normally the social group (classes) Carrier – a particular scribe of knowledge o Sociology correlates knowledge to social position o In marx’s case – a social position is linked to a particular interest o The idea is very simple but fundamental The idea is that every social group or class has an interest in preserving itself, but also increasing its share of resources Every group interested in self preservation and augmentation
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Not only does it want to survive, but also wants to grow stronger The interest of a social group is an interest in maintaining and increasing its resources and control over resources In marx’s case – the most important resource is property Ownership over the means of production Therefore the interest of social groups and classes are primarily economic This is the “basis” the basis of the life of the group is its economic basis in its attempt to advance its own interests
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2007-10-02 - Thurs Review Session 1. Two Ways of Thinking...

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