2007-09-27 - The German Ideology(german idealism as...

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The German Ideology (german idealism as ideology) 1. The Critique of the … 2. the a. production of the b. historical and social German idealism as ideology Marx o German idealism as ideology Basic components of historical materialism Marx o Ideology not simply a world view o A system of ideas driven by an underlying interest (material or economic) o This interest is not acknowledged by those that carry it o The interest remains hidden or latent o The ideology represents itself as an innocent representation of reality o Nothing but an expression of the way the world really is o Marx says : It is not innocent, it is an idea that transports an interest that is hidden in the ideology The interest drives the ideas but it does so in a latent concealed way o The critique of ideology makes it visible o Ideological critique is suspicious observing o The idea is not as innocent as it claims it is, carrier is normally a class, not an isolated individual, interest not of a person but of a class o Therefore the critique of ideology reveals the hidden interests that a class pursues in advocating its ideology o Ideological observing is suspicious observing o Not as innocent as it claims to be o Underlying class interest o Classes observe each other suspiciously o Ideological observing is mutual suspicious observing of the interests that underly the ideas, therefore there are always two dimensions to history History to marx 1. class conflict a. not great deeds of great men b. new way of looking at history: for marx that is just the surface, history is not made by leaders, rather what underlies this surface is class conflict, it is the engine that moves historical change forward i. was the history of great leaders c. class conflict is over land, property and power d. 1) idealogical conflict
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e. 2) realm of economic property: who owns and controls means of production, who controls the resources in a society o Ideology is a system of ideas driven by an interest o Identify the interests that defines german idealism o We know that german idealism is related with Hagel o Hagel is the most prominent of this philosophical movement o German idealism is a philosophy of the subject o First question with marx: who is the subject o Hagel: subject is a conscious subject conscious of three things 1. object / world 2. itself / self conscious 3. conscious of other subjects / intersubjectivity consciousness leads to knowledge it is a knowing subject its relation to the world is a knowing subject o marx????? who is this subject and where do we find it the subject is not an individual person 1. not you or I 2. not concrete human being that can be located 3. not a subject in a sense of being all of us either / not sum total of all humans 4. not a statistical average of all of us or a cross section 5. the subject for hagel is its idea a. it is not this or that, but subjectivity b. hence german idealism c. not about flesh and blood d. the subject is the idea it has of itself
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2007-09-27 - The German Ideology(german idealism as...

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