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1. Conscience Collective a. Shared beliefs or experiences of a society or group b. Culture of a society, ideology of a society 2. Mechanical and Organic Solidarity a. Solidarity – social integration, ties that bond individuals, being part of a group i. Varies in strength ii. Varies in form b. Mechanical Solidarity – ties in the sense of similarity, very low division of labor bc everybody is more or less doing the same job. Every body is a reflection of everybody else c. Organic Solidarity – there is a specialization of labor, based of of interdependence…varies more in strength…weaker collective conscience because people are more individuals i. People still relate together because of the interdependence d. Overall – i. organic solidarity is weaker, ii. organic solidarity may not create enough cohesion 1. durkheim worries it will break down 3. Crime and Punishment a. Random Notes i. Punishment is more severe in mechanical societies because it is usually less developed lead to stronger punishments
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