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University Physics Young and Freedman Chapter 24 Concept Questions and solutions Chapter 24: Pre-chapter Question Q: If the charges +Q and -Q on the plates of a capacitor are constant, what happens to the potential difference between the plates when the plates are moved closer together? A: C increases since distance is inversely proportional to capacitance. 1. If you double the amount of charge on a capacitor, how does the capacitance change? Does your answer depend on the size or shape of the conductors that make up the capacitor? (Assume there is only vacuum between the conductors.) A: No change; doubling Q doubles potential as well. 2. If a 4-uF capacitor and a 8-uF capacitor are connected in parallel, which has the larger potential difference across it? Which has the larger charge? A: Potential difference is the same in parallel capacitors; Q = CV; so 8uF capacitor carries more charge. 3.
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