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University Physics Young and Freedman Chapter 30 Concept Questions and solutions Chapter 30: Pre-chapter Question Q: If there were a steady direct current in the recharging cable, but still no direct contact between the cable and car's wires, would the cable recharge the electric vehicle's batteries? A: No. For one circuit to induce a current in an adjacent circuit, the 2 nd circuit must experience a time-varying magnetic flux. But if the current in the 1 st circuit is steady, it produces a steady magnetic field and a steady, unvarying flux in the 2 nd current. In this case no current would be induced in the 2 nd circuit. 1. Consider the Tesla coil described in Example 30.1. If you make the solenoid out of twice as much wire, so that it has twice as many turns and is twice as long, how much larger is the mutual inductance? Using this double-sized solenoid, how many turns would the outer coil need for the mutual inductance to be 1.0 H instead of 25 uH? No effect because M depends on the ratio of the quantities, which remains unchanged.
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